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With The Help Of Professional Artists

Tyler ATD is an in-house artist at Pins and Needles Tattoo Studio in Whistler, BC. His passion for tattooing stems from a long-standing love of art, and it shows in every one of his completed pieces. You’ll find his personal biography below.

International Tattooing Experience

“Like many tattoo artists, I made the merge from graffiti into tattooing in search of another way to scratch that never ending itch to progress my drawing skills and put my art in the public eye. I took things into my own hands and with the help of many willing canvases, I taught myself to tattoo. I moved to Thailand to apprentice under one of Koh-Samui’s best and longest standing tattoo artists: Mr Tak from Thailamai tattoo. It was there I found a love for custom black and grey work and haven’t looked back since.” – Tyler ATD instagram: @selfdiagnosed

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For many of our artists, tattooing is not just a job but a way of life. We love to create unique works of art that our clients carry with them wherever they go. Call Pins and Needles Tattoo Studio to schedule an appointment at our tattoo shop or to inquire about our piercing services.